Chapter 1

History 101


In the early 21st century, the advertising and content industry started to drop terms and statements like “content is king, but distribution is “King Kong”. The fact that the, then content now full service, agency Oh My lacked a metaphorical Empire State Building climbing ape within their organization seemed like an exciting new business venture and resulted in the birth of Trickle in 2017. First as a department within Oh My, and in mid 2018 as an independent company – still in the family of People People People (formerly Real Agency Group), an agency network in the Nordics featuring our sister agencies Oh My, Spoon, KIT, The Domain Was Taken, Gabardin, SBC, Kreng, FuzePost, Outlier and HIROY. In 2020 Trickle launched our second office, Trickle Gothenburg. Thereafter, Oslo, Helsinki and Luleå followed…


The name Trickle comes from a word play on traditional media agencies and their tendencies to apply a “spray and pray” approach, meaning shooting wide and hoping something sticks. Trickle tackles distribution differently. The philosophy is a key concept which we call “story planning”: finding the interplay between content, channels, message, timing and target audience. Instead of spraying, we trickle through the cracks. Hence the name.


Trickle has, as many youngsters tend to do, gone through several phases and labels trying to find the right fit: media agency, content distributors, analysis and optimization agency… However, the main purpose has always been simple. To distribute content and communication with resonance, effect and results. Say goodbye to randomly distributed content and say hello to strategies and Trickle!


At Trickle, we’re a fun and fast paced band of distributors who execute wonders on a daily basis. Since we’ve grown out of a fundamental excitement for all things web and social media, we tend to get a little bit nerdy and romanticize the web and its weirdly democratic ecosystem. That’s a part of it. We also believe in our employees’ overall well-being. Where you work and who you work with are just as important as the nerdiness of the whats, hows and whys. Therefore, we present to you, dear reader, this handbook.


We sure hope you’ll like it.