Chapter 5

Handy links and info

Agency invoicing address, Trickle AB:

Trickle AB

Kund-id FSX7257

FE 301

105 69 Stockholm

VAT: SE559163346501


Agency invoicing address, Trickle Gothenburg:

Trickle Göteborg AB

Kund-id FSX7258

FE 301

105 69 Stockholm

VAT: SE559224084901


Agency invoicing address, Trickle Oslo:

Trickle AS

Grensen 17

0159 Oslo

VAT: 927452146


Agency invoicing address, Trickle Helsinki:

Trickle Oy

Lönnrotinkatu 5

00120 Helsinki

VAT: FI32524685


Agency visiting address, Stockholm: Brännkyrkagatan 62, 118 53, STOCKHOLM

Agency visiting address, Gothenburg: Allégatan 5, 413 01, GOTHENBURG

Agency visiting address, Luleå: Trädgårdsgatan 20, 972 38, LULEÅ

Agency visiting address, Helsinki: Lönnrotinkatu 5, 001 20, HELSINKI

Agency visiting address, Oslo: Grensen 17, 0159, OSLO


CEO: Ludvig Olsson

CCO: Eric Lundekrans

COO, Stockholm: Elin Forslund

COO, Gothenburg: Björn Fahlén

Oslo Lead: Helene Kvernaas

Helsinki Lead: Laura Myllykoski

Luleå Lead: Simon Sörenstam

PR, marketing and communication | Responsible: David Larsson


Collective agreement


Pension – Flexpension

Check (time management)

Float (planning)

Want to nominate someone for a kudos?