Chapter 4

Team culture and well-being

The importance of a healthy team culture cannot be stressed enough! Great teams get shit done and this is something we value a lot at Trickle. Mutual respect for one and other on a personal level is obvious, but also the respect for the profession we share and the pride we take in executing wonders on a daily basis. Being arrogant in a humble way isn’t necessarily the wrong way to go, and a bit of humor goes a long way.


As you’ve hopefully understood by now, the overall vibe we want to keep in our team is that nobody is ever alone and there is almost no such thing as a stupid question. We keep things positive, friendly and have an abundance of good timez all year around.


Here are a few things we do to keep the internal culture on point:

Transparency is the warmest color


Inclusion and transparency are and have always been at the core of the Trickle culture. We want everyone to be involved and have the possibility to affect how and where the company is headed. As we grow this part becomes even more important to nurture and take active care of. Having clear “mission statements” is a part of this, making sure we all work towards common goals we believe strengthens the team.


Rock the yes


We want to nurture our environment of people who’re excited and say “YES!” (sometimes we do speak in all caps). But of course, we need to balance that out. To maintain good quality in our deliveries and not half-ass things in a rush, but also (and most importantly) to avoid burning the candle at both ends.


When it comes to tight deadlines, we have those sometimes! To be able to do our very best in an efficient manner, we have to be clear with our expectations. When it comes to things such as campaign launches within the next hours, or deliveries of content late on a Friday night, we can lean on the golden rule of always needing everything to be in place 72 hours prior.


We also offer the possibility to opt out of projects due to personal values or other reasons – it is however each employee’s responsibility to speak out if need be.


Caring is sharing


Proactively working to make sure we prevent stress by making sure we work according to team structures is one part. But internal communication and identifying stress-triggers helps us both cope but also prevent a lot of less fun situations! We look after each other and do our best to help out a teammate in need. If you feel overwhelmed, please let a colleague or your closest manager know. If you harbor your emotions, grievances will fester – and nobody wants that.


The space between us


Some creative chaos can be pretty nice and inspiring, but there is a fine line between creative chaos and just plain chaos. We are all responsible for making sure our common areas and offices are kept in a presentable shape. A bit of a mess we can live with, but please have in mind that clients drop by from time to time and we want to look our best.


When it comes to other factors of disturbance, we all have different needs to get in that lovely state of focused working. That’s all fine and dandy, of course. If you need a little p&q for a while to get something done, it’s up to you to decide if you need to sit in a meeting room for a while, or just zone out with a pair of headphones – whatever floats your boat! But if there is other interference (like a ping pong table being used) it’s on all of us to help remind each other to speak up.